(VIDEO) Most intriguing UFOs caught during Lightning Strike

The video below is indeed one exciting footage but at the same time weird. Many of us have filmed a thunderstorm, but the video below is unique because shows unexpected and spectacular UFO that was flying through lightning strike.

There is various thesis that gives a variety of explanations about the video. Some say it’s merely some natural phenomenon associated with the lightning on that day. Nothing more, nothing less.

Other say that it’s just lens flares so when the bright section of the lightning is to the upper left, they appear at lower right. But also there are people who believe that the video show UFOs and they are charging their space crafts with thunders. 👽

However, one thing is for sure the footages are filming something unusual. Electricity is a trustworthy source for light speed travel. We know that lighting can travel through almost anything, once we know how to move through it.

That will be the day real space travel will happen, just like in this video hopefully giving us some clue to how they do it. The person who filmed this is indeed fortunate.

What do you think?
Is this video showing ball lightning, swamp gas or UFOs?

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Video Source: WTFflow

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