Actual Alien Abduction caught by Security Cam

The footage below can truly be the first real video taken by a security camera that is showing an actual alien abduction!

We mustn’t ignore these things because it could happen to everyone. We believe that the footage is real. Just go and stop at 4:08 and look at the circle when the man was getting abducted. At the end of the abduction, we saw a ring of light surrounding the man.

We think that the Alien abductions exist and the video shows plenty of evidence that that kind of abductions is real.

Remember the choice is yours to believe or not believe in aliens ????

As long as we are sure we live, we can count on a 99.9% possibility of there being other life forms present in the universe.

What do you think?
Is the security camera showing an actual Alien Abduction?
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Video Source: ShamRock1938

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