(VIDEO) A Huge Disc-shaped Object Appears in Clouds

When it comes to UFOs people, have different opinions. Some say that UFOs are scary, some states that UFOs are fascinating but the reality is that they are terrifying because we don’t know anything about them.

They are some theories that Aliens are amongst humans and that that is probably the most and best-kept secret.

The video below is another excellent catch. This object most certainly is unusual and looks like a ufo to us! 👽

However, that is a big object considering the distance and is something that we didn’t see until now. A solid disc-shaped object appeared right next to a big cloud. After zooming in with and double checked the footage on the PC you will realize it was not a helicopter.

The object has a saucer shape. It flies slowly, going through clouds. It’s trajectory and speed are comparable to helicopters, but it’s shaped really amazes us. Furthermore, it reflects light from the sun. The light reflection shows that the object looks quite flat, rounded and broad.

What do you think?
Are we alone?
Do you believe that Alien life could be in our backyard?
Is this some government experiment?

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