(VIDEO) A rare & unique footage of supersonic UFO caught in daylight

The video below is indeed one of most rare and in our modest opinion unique footage of UFO caught in daylight.

If you looked carefully, you would see a massive bright UFO fleet is flying at an incredible speed through the clouds. The lights are making a strange trail as if they were cutting the clouds.

Many people have a version that these objects are probably meteors that were so burning that they “melt” the clouds in their way.

Another version is that these objects are jet fighters in formation. But the video shows something weird, and we think that these are UFOs. But where they are from is anybody’s guess.

The truth will never come out until one of their ships sits over a major city in broad daylight for hours. They are always higher up in the clouds where nobody can see them. 👽

What do you think?
Is chemical planes destroy the clouds for military purposes or those are UFOs?

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