(VIDEO) The Most Mysterious Photos caught on the Moon by NASA!

NASA always has “reasonable explanations” or “excuses” for every mysterious picture they take from the moon, but the video below shows an entirely different perspective on the things that NASA recorded during the years.

From an Apollo 16 UFO sighting to a possible moonbase, the video below shows five most mysterious photos caught by NASA on the moon, and we must say it’s interesting to see these images and to think about the possibilities.

For some reason, NASA always makes such good excuses and many would immediately believe in that what they say 🙂

We think that it’s funny how NASA always seems to come up with an excuse when it comes to images and things that depict alien intelligence. But when they know it’s something that could have possibly been faked they outright say it’s fake. So we should be aware every time they say an image was caused by this or that. It shows that they are jumping the gun and creating answers to questions we have when they don’t have to.

“NASA – Never A Straight Answer.”

We believe that aliens are real cause it can’t exist life only to earth. Think about it. How arrogant are we to assume that our planet is the only home for intelligent life. We are not alone. ????

What do you think?
What is the reason that NASA can’t tell us the truth? Is this secret moon base exist and NASA is lying about it?

Video Source: Top Mash

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