Who wants to cover up Mass UFO Sighting Over Arizona Desert?

People around the world consistently give evidence of the existence of a UFO, but unfortunately, no one from the official authorities publicly and officially opens in the media to deny or confirm the existence of such objects.

We think that every person at least in his lifetime is asking these questions to himself:

Why does anyone ever report this on the news?
Is it because they’re afraid of people getting panicked or something?

The answers are very different. Some people think that Government is the reason. Some believe that the reason why they keep aliens a secret is that it would destroy the idea of religion.

Whatever the signs are before us and we should not ignore them just because someone does not want to see them!

The Aliens are NOT hiding from us. UFOs are here and have been for a long time. We are just too dumb to think and stretch our imagination to come up with ways to hear and see EVERYTHING in space.

Look at the video well and evaluate it yourself. Think about the different thesis and the imposed public views but do not forget that UFOs exis! ????

What do you think?
Who wants to cover up Mass UFO Sighting Over Arizona Desert?
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Video Source: secureteam10

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